Losing To Win: Grow, Learn and Embrace the new you

Losing to Win?

One of the hardest lessons that I have and am still learning is that while moving along this thing called life you lose a lot of things. Saying losing sounds a lot of worst then it actually is. Naturally, we think of losing something like the end of the world but sometimes it is what is needed to progress.

Through my journey I have lost money, I have lost time with my family, time that I should and could have been working on what I am truly passionate about. I have lost friends, girlfriends, and honestly a little bit of myself. At times the losses seemed career ending but in big picture more like the blessing in disguise. Kind of sad but truthfully the losses helped mold me, much like if you think of an onion. Yes, smell, tears and all. Each time I shed something off or lost something I either learned, became stronger or more focused on what needed to be done.

Despite the thought of loss, each has contributed to where I am at now. More lean in working and productive thinking, more connected, better at detecting my flaws and honestly more in tune with what works. I don’t want to say that I’m numb to things now but yeah I’ve learned to mind my own business in both meanings, I’ve heard to fully think things out while still be quicker than writing a dissertation, and have learned to “let go” and not be as attached to things like I use to be.

How to embrace loss

The honest answer, I have found that helps is to look at the positive side. If possible write your overall goal and read it or recite it every day. When something happens where you lose something, refer to your objective. Try to connect how the loss could benefit the objective. Of course, the loss of life of a loved one or something close could never justify the positive side of anything.

A brief example my grandparents passed away from breast cancer and a diabetic rush. Both an extremely traumatic time in my life because of how close I was to each. Where the table turned was that their house was the launch pad for the foundation of my entrepreneurial endeavors.

Throughout the time friends have shed away, relationships have shed away all impacting my life but defining the true me. It is important to understand the loss, but not to dwell on it. Instead, realize that you are stronger now and push for what truly makes you happy.

What if you shed things away but it doesn’t get better

I have had times where it seemed like I couldn’t find the positive in anything.  Regardless of the situation just know that it will get better. Just keep reading your objective and thinking of how you can get closer to it. This is a lot easier said then done but after a few losses, you will be a professional. Stay focused, stay dedicated and stay on top of your objective.

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