Pay Attention to the Details: Obsess over the small things

Pay Attention

When starting your clothing line think of it as a relationship. In a sense it is. Your brand’s relationship with the consumer. If your consumers break up with you that is it! Make sure you pay attention to the details very carefully.

In most relationships, it is the small things that make a BIG difference. In regards to the clothing line, it is the same. Pay attention to the smallest thing that “you think” no one pays attention to. This can be anything from the color thread used, how you fold your shirts when consumers purchase them, to hang tags and neck labels. This list goes on but this is just to give you an idea, be that meticulous. It will pay off and you will be that much more involved with your brand.

Why bother

Why bother with the small things right? Well, some call it a waste of time, some call it marketing. I believe that it is you embedding your time and love into it. Your customers can tell between something thrown together and when something has had tender love and care. When you brand is consistent consumer become familiar with your quality and it helps distinguish your brand from the next. Every brand has their own obstacles so they may not have the chance or resources to add that extra attention. However, if you take the time or find the resources to, you will see the reward on your bottom line. From working on my own brand and working with other companies I have found that this simple effort helps create the company’s Unique selling proposition (USP). In my case with my brand, I think mine was the packaging, labeling, and folding. Find something and be the best at it.

HOW to find that one thing

Do the research. You can not be the best at something if you do not put in the time. If you shop online see how your products are delivered, take note. If you shop in the stores, see how they display their products, how the packaging is, what draws you to it? It is important to do this BUT do not copy it. Add your personal touch to the whole thing and make it yours. How are you going to stand out if you look like someone else?

Ask your friends, ask family, pick their brain about what they like, what draws them to product etc. In research, this is called focus groups but for your brand, this is called learning your market.


After you do the research try. Be smart about it but try. There will be times when things may not work out BUT get out, you will never know until you try. I tried and was taught a very expensive lesson a few times but by trying I became smarter each time and the lesson became a lot cheaper. If you go solely off of what you think without trying this can be a very dangerous action not only for your brand but for you as well. As entrepreneurs/ designers we go through a lot we put ourselves out there with our ideas and designs hoping that others will like them. If an idea gets shattered too quickly without proper planning, then one’s self-esteem could be at risk. By trying little by little we build up confidence and learn what needs to change and how to better serve our market.

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