Quality timepieces: Sure to compliment your style

Quality timepieces

Let be honest a watch today is not the same as a watch was in the past! Duh right, but seriously watches in the past were more functional than aesthetic. Wearers would use a watch as the time suggests a timepiece. They would use it during their daily commutes, pilots would use it to measure altitude, sailors would use it to measure the depth of water if they dove in. Today there’s an app for that and people rely more on their phone than their watches, however, the fate of these quality timepieces have shifted to being more aesthetic rather than functional.

Both men and women today use watches as pieces to compliment their wardrobe or to portray sophistication. Some men have even confessed that without a watch on they feel naked when they walk out the house. Taken from a wise man by the name of Kevin Rucker, “A watch is an accessory, now you want it to look good, it is no longer a necessity.”

How to make your watch stand out

Leather bands: A less in your face approach that will offer an impression of classic sophistication
Stainless steel band: A great adaptable and stylish everyday approach
Rubber or Canvas bands: A great approach for casual, sporty lifestyles
Enamel bands: A matter of preference but less formal than a stainless steel. A great approach with casual clothes but not suits

Where watches stand on Women’s top 10 things they love to see on a man

Watches made the women’s top 10 things that they like to see on men. Amongst a well-fitted suit, a quality watch falls at #2. Watches landed at number two because they symbolize that you show up on time and add that extra emphasis on sophistication and style. Add this to a scent that compliments you, not skinny but well-fitted jeans, and a great smile. You can find a selection of quality timepieces at the link quality timepieces

Have a look and grab a piece that compliments your style

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