Comfort the silent killer: Stop getting comfortable

Comfort.. the Silent Killer

When starting and operating your business amongst other things remember this. Never get too comfortable. Be smart and do what works for you but never get too comfortable.

Getting comfortable; the silent killer

Various stages of my career I found my self-getting comfortable whether it was with a particular product that was selling really well or even doing freelance work outside of my brand and ultimately neglecting my the very thing that kept me going. With my product a particular fabric was moving really well, the customers loved it and I loved the results until the textile with the fabrics stopped producing the fabric. When trying to find alternatives they either got theirs from the same textile or had hiked the prices up drastically. There was no way I could continue to produce the shirts and supply the demand I was too comfortable instead of the looking ahead. Life tosses a lot of obstacles in front of you but it is up to you to constantly look for something new. Challenge yourself and for goodness sake do not fall into the trap of being complacent.

My story

I was first introduced to this silent killer while working at a company that paid really well, the benefits were great but the tasks were slowly killing me. The job didn’t challenge me. My creativity was being sacrificed and I gradually became used to not trying to be better. I broke out this and challenged myself. Traveled the world, and studied how I could improve what made my heart sing in the first place. You guessed it my clothing line.

Fast forward a little bit this silent killer surfaced again. I was doing freelance work to try and help fund my clothing line and almost fell into the trap again. I started to do more work for the other company rather than working on my craft. Some might call it priority others, foolishness, but honestly, I was looking at the money. At the end of the day, we get so “comfortable” with the money that we forget about what really matters. At the end of the day the gig that I was freelancing for scaled back and the money stopped but guess what was still there for me …that’s right my brand.


Please don’t take this as a forget other opportunities, because opportunities don’t come around that often. Sometimes other opportunities will propel your efforts at achieving what you truly desire. Remember to be extremely careful and know what you want to achieve. For every hour or every day that you work for someone or something else, you need to double maybe even triple that amount of time doing what you love. When you are doing what you love the money will come but if you get stuck in that comfortable trap the silent killer is sure to attack, your dreams, and your time. Please note this is easier said than done especially with everything life has to throw at us. It is important to remember to love yourself and what your heart desires first. Money can be regained but time can’t.

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