STOP shooting yourself down and Start living

Stop killing yourself

Stop killing yourself! This sounds pretty serious, right? But honestly, stop killing yourself, stop shooting down your ideas, stop thinking that you are not equipped with what you need to succeed and for goodness sake stop measuring yourself with someone else’s ruler. That last part is a little complicated but what it means is; don’t measure your success based on another person’s achievements.

Today it is hard not to with social media and the television constantly telling us what is the norm. The key is to ask yourself what you want to achieve and plan accordingly. Separate yourself from the distractions and mind your business (in both meanings of the phrase).

How to start thinking positively

First thing is first, stop feeding into the negativity. Take some time and write out what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve this, how long would you estimate it to take, how much money is needed to achieve it and what step could be taken to jumpstart this goal? Be as realistic as possible. If you are projecting 1 million write it down. The goal is to internalize every detail possible about what you want to do. Discipline yourself to stop using words like can’t, not good enough and I wish. Yes, I wish because it creates a sense that it is out of your reach. As you plan and act on your tasks, I have found that if I break down the goal into small digestible or doable tasks it makes it easier to accomplish. By accomplishing these various tasks they also help build little boosts of confidence towards the large items on your plate.


Your family and friends are infamous for either building you up or tearing you down so you have to know when you align yourself with or separate yourself from them. I am not saying to cut them off but just limit your time around them when working on or talking about your goal. It is funny because even the smallest amount of belief or doubt can build or demolish an idea. Your job is to protect it at all cost. Listen to what they say, absorb any criticism and try to grow from it. Build a better you and better brand.


Yet another critical task that I found to have helped was evaluating myself every now and then. In the corporate world they call these internal audits but for your brand, you are just seeing if you are on track. How far have you gotten remember to only measure against yourself, no one else. Are you moving or have you run into a roadblock? Please note slow motion is better than no motion, so even if you are still working on your goal but just not as fast as you would like, evaluate your progress and work accordingly. The more you work now the less you will have to later. A wise man once told me 5 minutes of planning could save you 5 years of trying to correct what you didn’t plan for. Stay true to yourself and STOP limiting yourself, you are limitless and can achieve anything you set your mind to remember that.

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