Voices of Color:how will they see your brand?

Voices of color

Color is a leading contributor that helps shape our world. Colors are used are used for language, used in health with photomedicine, and photochemistry, advertising, marketing design and of course in fashion. They help communicate with us like green lights and red lights, they help dictate season trends, and in sense are apart of us.

At birth, we are conditioned to decipher colors and attach meaning to them from either our parents, our culture, religion or even spirituality with the chakras. We see how nature, mixes colors during the seasons and watch how colors influence our emotions, how they play with our psyche in advertising like in McDonald’s, Facebook, Apple or Uber.

We see or our eyes perceive these colors and we either gravitate towards them or away. Often we generate a color bias. Have you ever wondered why certain colors just look better on you versus others? You know that whole “that’s my color” phrase.

Color Base

Regardless of your complexion, everyone can be classified into one of two categories; yellow based or blue based undertones. These bases will help you understand which colors work for you. Please note that there always exceptions, but for the most part if you wear “your colors” and you know best they compliment your skin and make it radiate. If you go the other direction and wear colors that don’t compliment your skin tone you may have a tired, dull or faded look.


Skin tones tend to favor Autumn colors. Earth tones work very well. Take colors like camel, warm browns, turquoise, yellowish greens or even golden hues.


Blue-based complexions favor hues of blue, bluish-greens, pinks, red, and silver.

Please note that your personal preference dictates all but these are general guides. Honestly, I fall into the yellow-based complexion category but I think that I look damn good in red lol. I mean yellow and red right! So absorb this guides and create your own color palette. Women, you are probably professionals at this so you know what makes your skin tone shine and turns heads so do what you do best. Fellas we have a basic sense but you know what gets the most compliments. Listen to the voice of colors and compliment your style. Do what works best and honestly be the best you possible.

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